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Thank you for visiting this leading guide to restaurants where kids eat free. One thing that is for sure is that virtually every parent will find OutToEatWithKids.com to be an invaluable tool for facilitating fantastic family dine-outs which allow for great savings.

From your experience you can attest to the fact that children's appetites are usually satisfied with little food portions yet at most restaurants the cost of their meals is exactly the same as that for the adults. This obviously does not go down well with most parents especially in these rough economic times. Nonetheless, some restaurants understand your plight as a parent and accordingly offer a free kid's meal for every adult entre purchased. This works in a two-way traffic sort of way because it helps such restaurants to keep their tables full during low-peak hours as well as on the less busy days of the week.

It is therefore our job at OutToEatWithKids (as parents of little kids ourselves) to provide you our fellow parent with information of Charleston restaurants where kids eat free. Thanks to parents like you our initiative has grown to include over 15,000 restaurants spread out nationally. So, for that trip with your kids outside Charleston you can be pretty sure that our website will guide you to a fantastic restaurant wherever you are in America. It is pretty easy to find such restaurants; just plug in the right details into our search tool i.e. city/state/zip code, how far the restaurant should be from your location, and the day of week you would like to dine-out with your kids, then hit search. You can also make use of our restaurant search application for iPhone and Android mobile phones and more so when you are already out and about with your kids.

From experience you may be tempted to think that free food is just put together anyhow in the kitchen and that it is usually not okay nutritionally speaking. Again, as parents who are concerned about the good health of their little kids we have strived to provide you with lists of establishments that provide kids with healthy food choices. This has been possible and easy thanks to restaurants that have pledged to abide by the Kids LiveWell Program, an initiative of the National Restaurants Association. The pledge obliges them to observe good nutrition practices by providing kids with meals that have acceptable levels of fat, sodium, sugar and calories, and which are accompanied with whole grains, low-fat dairy, vegetables, and of course fruits.


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Goals for Out to Eat with Kids
  • Provide one website where parents and kid friendly restaurants can connect
  • Notify families of restaurants offering kids eat free promotions or discounted prices on kids' meals
  • Give parents information about restaurants with healthy and balanced kids' meals
  • Educate families about making smart choices when dining out with their children
  • Alert patrons to special events at community restaurants
  • Assist restaurants in creating a children's special that will be well received by families
  • Be THE resource for families who are seeking to dine out economically and healthfully with their families

    Please NOTE, we do our BEST to keep this site ACCURATE. If a listed special is no longer valid, please email info@outtoeatwithkids.com - THANK YOU!