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Thank you for visiting OutToEatWithKids.com, your leading guide to free restaurant coupons that will let you save a couple of dollars on your kids meals thus giving you peace of mind as you enjoy dine-out times with your family.

You, like many other American families, cherish the closeness that eating-out with your family brings about. Current economic times are however dictating otherwise on expenditure; dining out can really compromise your lean budget. Restaurants have noticed a decrease in the number of their patrons and to save their businesses they have introduced coupons that allow kids to have free or discounted meals. This is a very welcome move considering that kids can hardly finish a regular size meal and yet their portions cost the same as what adults eat.

Our goal at Out To Eat With Kids is to help you find these no-cost restaurant coupons with ease thus ensuring that you and your kids get to cherish the family time that dining out brings about so well. Well, it is very easy to find such restaurants right here in Charleston City or anywhere else on American soil. Just take a minute to plug into our restaurant search tool details of your city/state/zip code, your favorite dining-out day, and the maximum distance the restaurants should be from your location and then hit search. If you are away from your computer and hate using your mobile phone's browser then you can take advantage of our mobile search applications for Android and iPhone which provide a bigger/well legible interface. Getting info on great restaurants while you are on-the-go has never been this easy!

You will find that most if not all the restaurants that OutToEatWithKids.com hosts have web presence and thus their coupons are posted on their websites. Just check out the free restaurant coupons that appeal to you most, print them out, and ready your family to enjoy a fantastic meal away from home. By our search tool allowing you to provide your zip code this will work to save you lots of trouble with regards to restaurant chains whose coupons may just be applicable for their outlets in certain locations only. You certainly do not want to suffer a rude shock after your family has just consumed the meal of a lifetime and the cashier tells you that your coupon is meant for an outlet in another city or state - very embarrassing indeed!

As a parent you need to be picky on what your kids eat for the sake of their health. This is a genuine concern that OutToEatWithKids.com has sought to address by ensuring that most of the more than 15,000 restaurants we host support the Kids LiveWell Program. This means that they have committed themselves to providing kids with healthy menus.


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Goals for Out to Eat with Kids
  • Provide one website where parents and kid friendly restaurants can connect
  • Notify families of restaurants offering kids eat free promotions or discounted prices on kids' meals
  • Give parents information about restaurants with healthy and balanced kids' meals
  • Educate families about making smart choices when dining out with their children
  • Alert patrons to special events at community restaurants
  • Assist restaurants in creating a children's special that will be well received by families
  • Be THE resource for families who are seeking to dine out economically and healthfully with their families

    Please NOTE, we do our BEST to keep this site ACCURATE. If a listed special is no longer valid, please email info@outtoeatwithkids.com - THANK YOU!