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Free Kids Meals

It is said that the best things in this world are free; it cannot get any better than your kids getting free meals every other time you choose to dine out with them. With OutToEatWithKids.com you will get quick info on restaurants here in Charleston and nationally that offer free kids meals.

More Fan Dine-Outs

Of course this does not mean that you can just check in into such restaurants and claim the free food that they offer the kids but rather you will get that meal after you buy one for yourself. This is a very welcome initiative that will save you a good amount bearing in mind that kids consume very little food portions compared to adults but which you still pay the full price for. It will also make those dine-out nights more fun and enjoyable and give you peace of mind since you will have a more affordable bill to take care of.

Free Kids Meals Deals

Out To Eat With Kids offers you a good variety of restaurants right here in Charleston where you can access free meals for kids. By just providing the necessary fields in our search engine you will have at your disposal various restaurants that offer printable coupons with which you will claim the free food. Other establishments offer the free food on the spot on particular days of the week or for particular types of food.

Healthy Free Food

Just like most parents you are not only concerned about the money but also about the nutritional value that your kids will get from the food. This is why we have been careful to have onboard restaurants that subscribe to Kids LiveWell, a program developed by the National Restaurant Association. Restaurants under this program are committed to providing kids with healthy dishes in terms of observing nutritional caps on calories, sugar, fat and sodium, and to also provide lean proteins, whole grains, vegetables and low-fat dairy. OutToEatWithKids.com currently boasts 15,000 restaurants most of which now offer healthy choices for children.

Find restaurants while on-the-go

You do not have to sit in front of your PC or go through complicated mobile phone browsers to find free kids meals in Charleston and other cities. We have developed easy-to-use mobile applications for IOS and Android so you can now make the search while on-the-go. This is also great as you do not have to worry about where you and your kids will dine-out after their school or church activities. Just supply your zip code or city/state and even better how far the restaurant should be from your location and in a few seconds you will receive a list of restaurants with their various offers.


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Goals for Out to Eat with Kids
  • Provide one website where parents and kid friendly restaurants can connect
  • Notify families of restaurants offering kids eat free promotions or discounted prices on kids' meals
  • Give parents information about restaurants with healthy and balanced kids' meals
  • Educate families about making smart choices when dining out with their children
  • Alert patrons to special events at community restaurants
  • Assist restaurants in creating a children's special that will be well received by families
  • Be THE resource for families who are seeking to dine out economically and healthfully with their families

    Please NOTE, we do our BEST to keep this site ACCURATE. If a listed special is no longer valid, please email info@outtoeatwithkids.com - THANK YOU!