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**The winners of this giveaway are Debbie Fites and Heather Moran. Congratulations!

We know back-to-school means a lot of shopping for school supplies, clothes and stuff for the lunch box. Out to Eat with Kids wants to save you a little cash. We’re giving away $25 worth of coupons for Stonyfield yogurt products. Just comment on this blog for a chance to win!

If you’ve never tried their products, take it from us. They’re great. We go way back with Stonyfield.

In fact, when my son was a baby and it was time to add yogurt into his diet, I looked for the best stuff on the market. I didn’t want any old yogurt and I didn’t care about what was on sale. I wanted good, healthy yogurt chocked full of fresh ingredients, not something made with a ton of stuff I cannot pronounce. Do you know the feeling?

After parking my grocery cart in front of the yogurt case and reading every label, I decided on Stonyfield organic yogurt. My son already liked bananas, so I thought the banana flavored Stonyfield’s YoBaby yogurt wouldn’t be a stretch for him. Boy, was I right. I’ll spare you the play-by-play of me feeding him the yogurt (it was adorable), but I will tell you, HE LOVED IT.

**Win $25 worth of coupons for various Stonyfield products. Comment below to enter the drawing.**

Kids don’t care that they’re getting organic yogurt with calcium, protein, vitamin D, omega-3s, etc. All they care about is taste and Stonyfield delivers. I continue to buy Stonyfield products for my son, now a fifth grader, and his little sister. They both started out on Stonyfield’s YoBaby yogurt and graduated through the years to YoToddler, YoKids, Smoothies and Greek yogurt. They love all the Stonyfield products and so do I. My daughter, a third grader, even makes smoothies with yogurt, juice and some ice.

YoKids SqueezersThe YoKids Squeezers are perfect for their lunch boxes, as well as an after school snack. They are also great frozen.

Stonyfield products also include milk, cream, butter, soy yogurt and frozen yogurt treats. In addition, they offer regular, low fat and fat free options. Check out all their products here.

Out to Eat with Kids is giving away $25 worth of coupons for Stonyfield products. Just comment below to enter the drawing! We’ll select a winner Sept. 10, 2013.

What is your favorite Stonyfield product and why?